Our goal at Holly Sallade Skin Care Cosmetics is to reinforce your confidence with giving you a natural, more radiant look. Customers who order on our site have learned to apply their skin care and cosmetics through the directions and application on our website, others have come in for skin care consultations. We love our customers and want to share their beautiful transformation. Here are the results!

"Within just a few weeks of using your skin care products, both the texture and firmness of my skin were noticeably improved. When I get up in the morning, my skin looks fresh and clear--not bad when you're nearer to 70 then you'd like to admit."

"My skin always needs a little TLC (Tender Loving Care) in the summer, because I'm out in the sun so much. Once I started using Holly Sallade Skin Care Cosmetics Bright and Sunny Skin Care, my skin became much smoother, and I achieved more of a balance between having oily and dry skin. Their customer service really works with you until your skin is happy."

"The difference I can see in my skin after using the papaya enzyme cleanser was that my skin had a natural glow and I felt rejuvenated. It has a wonderful papaya smell and it gave my skin a great feeling. My only regret is not trying your product sooner to get me on the right course of action."

"The most exciting thing about the products is the immediate improvement in my skin, and not the mention the numerous compliments saying 'Your face is glowing and you look amazing!'"

"Using Holly’s Skin Care products has dramatically improved my skin. I’ve have used makeup for years, but it wasn’t until I discovered Holly Skin Cosmetics, which offers the best skin care and colors, as well as instructions for proper application and techniques, that helped me to enjoy my products and use them properly to truly enhance my look. I appreciate Holly Sallade Skin Care Cosmetics in helping me look my best."

"My husband just can't stop raving about how great I look. I have received so many compliments. My skin feels so wonderful! I love the products!"

"Transitioning to Holly's skin care has made my face feel so much cleaner and refreshed compared to what I was using previously. It has been a great foundation for applying cosmetics. I do see and now understand what Holly means when she talks about how important it is to have the right texture and finish with your skin care products to achieve a clean, uplifted skin with a fresh radiant skin."

"Soon I will be 70 years old. Thank you for sending products across the United States so I can look in the mirror and see that my skin is doing well.Love you Holly!"

"I LOVE my new look! I am really glad I found Holly. The company really will work with you and send you samples until you are completely satisfied. Where can you find a company that will work with you until I look my absolute best? Thank you Holly!"

"My skin is so sensitive, and it was always hard for me to find the right skin care products that did not irritate my skin. I really have tried every brand in the department stores and nothing worked. But then one day I tried Holly Sallade Skin Care Cosmetics products, and immediately I can tell the difference. My skin reacts well with her products. I mean, look at me, I look 10 years younger! Holly really knows how to apply the right choice of colors for each person- her main objective is to give everyone a natural appearance and not made up-she did exactly that! By using her cosmetics and the proper skin care underneath gives me a healthy younger glow as you can see from my picture.
I am just the happiest person with my new look."

I'm so glad I found Holly Sallade's products. I was suffering from super oily skin and acne spots and her products have worked miraculously on my skin! I love her liquid powder foundation that covers up my now subtle spots and keeps my skin oil-free and looking natural. I totally recommend both her skin care and makeup lines. Her products truly rock!

Before I found Holly Sallade Skin Care Cosmetics, I wasn't too concerned with skin care, but Holly made me realize how important skin care really is. After following her skin care routine, my face looks so much brighter! I barely recognized myself the first time I tried it! Thank you Holly for helping me look and feel beautiful!

What would we ever do without Holly and her Holly Sallade line of products. I have used the products for several years now and I am so happy with everything I have used. It would be hard for me to say which is the best because they all work hand in hand.
My complexion has always been so sensitive with redness and breakouts, but since using Holly’s cosmetic line this is a problem of the past. My complexion is now healthy, firm, and glowing. Holly you are the best!

Holly has been my go-to person for skin care and cosmetics since the summer of 2001. She makes me feel GREAT! I enjoy knowing that I look my very best every day because Holly has patiently taught me how to apply her products. When I take a girlfriend to Holly for a consultation, it is not long after that my friend takes another friend to Holly and so the excitement grows. Holly is not only a skillful professional with an astute sense of color, but also a dear, kind friend after so many years and holds a special place in our family.

I have been visiting Holly for her expert advice on skin care and make up since the summer of 2011 when my friend took me along with her for a make over, (and then I took a friend). I love the look and feel of my skin using Holly's products!! My skin feels soft and glows! Holly's makeup advice is priceless and using her techniques and products give lovely color and life to my complexion. Holly, herself, applies different colors to arrive at just the right product for her client. It is an awesome experience for a first time trip, as well as for refreshers (which I highly recommend)!

I am always amazed at the care, patience and detail Holly always provides. The skin on my face had been very red. The medications a dermatologist prescribed were not working. Holly reviewed my skin care routine and offered suggestions on causes of the redness. Holly suggested I change the hair-care products I currently use and this has made a huge improvement. The redness in my face has greatly decreased and my skin looks very healthy. Thank you for all you do! You are amazing!

Our Skin Care makes your skin happy!

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"I have known Holly Sallade for many years and just want to say how impressed I am with her talent and the products she provides! After moving to Georgia I have been using department store products and I have been so unhappy. I took a chance and contacted Holly and begged for help. I was missing my beautiful blush as well as an eye shadow. She recommended Lux Gel Eye Liner and it stays on and never smudges; now my whole family is using it. You will never go wrong using Holly Sallade Skin Care Cosmetics Products. Holly's customers are #1 to her and the company! Holly is the best!"

– Joanne, Georgia

"I switched from using Clinique and not having any glow or brightness to my skin, to having a fresh, clean look and feel to my face. Your products work great and I love the light crystal texture of the cleanser!"

– Mary, Virginia

"I had gone to a Dermatologist about the bumps under my skin and the oiliness; all recommendations proved unsuccessful. I had heard about Holly Sallade Skin Care Cosmetics and the "customer service" they provide. They actually took the time to solve my problem. I tried different products from the skin care to the cosmetics that worked the best to improve my skin. You should see my skin now. Thank you for your patience!"

– Hallie, Virginia

"With Holly Sallade’s products I can see a definite difference in my skin. It is younger, healthier and brighter. Amazing customer service. Amazing products!"

– Carol, Oregon

"Thank you for not only your quick response but also your awesome skill in polishing my sister's image--long distance, no less!"

– Stella, Virginia

"Although I have known Holly for years and knew of her dedication to the well being of others, I have just now started using her skin care. I only wish I would have started sooner! After many years of trying different “lotions and potions,” Holly took time to really know my skin, where I lived in climate and how I live my life, and what my needs are! I have been using her suggested regime for about 3 months and I need to share! My husband of 25 years was sitting next to me at dinner last night and he looked at me and said “Honey, your skin looks so good, I have not seen it look like that in a while. It is really glowing.” That is all that needs to be said!!! Thanks Holly for taking the time to not only choose the right products for me, but also taking the time to instruct on proper use and always be available for questions. My favorite?? Probably a toss-up between the cleansers and the AMAZING oil…. don’t be afraid of the oil, it has made such a difference!"

– Robin, California

"Holly Sallade’s products are the best. The 'Peptide' products make me feel like I’ve had a facial everyday! The products have really changed the texture of my skin making it smoother and years younger. You know your customers well and that is why we love you and trust you with our faces."

– Linda, Virginia

"I have extremely dry, sensitive skin, so I was hesitant to try any new skin care products. Wow! I was surprise and pleased. My skin not only felt great, it appeared better. I looked refreshed, hydrated and younger due to less dryness. I would definitely recommend Holly Sallade’s “Hydrating” skin products!"

– Gail, Florida

"After applying my wonderful skin care products and makeup, I look in the mirror and say "Hollyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!" Thanks, Holly."

– Ann, Virginia

"You are indeed an outstanding honest business woman who truly cares about her clients and treats them fairly and beautifully. You are hugged with beauty from Holly Sallade."

– Ruth, Virginia

"Thank you for helping me take care of my skin. I love my skin care products. Everyone asks me about what products I use to make my skin so radiant and smooth. The cosmetic colors are perfect for my skin tone and I feel so beautiful!! You just can't get "customer service" like Holly Sallade Skin Care Cosmetics provides to her customers."

– Carol, Virginia

"Thank you!!! You're the best with your customer service."

– Judy, Virginia

"It's true how skin care is the foundation to your cosmetics! So clever! Now I see why Holly emphasizes this; I see a huge difference with my skin now that I'm using her products and following her recommended routine. The finish of the creams and lotions, compared to other brands that I've tried, feels much cleaner and makes my face look brighter! I highly recommend Holly Sallade to help you with your skin care!"

– Kathy, Texas

"I've been to every doctor, I've tried every product, until someone recommended me to Holly Sallade Skin Care Cosmetics. I was told that I had rosacea because my cheeks were always bright red. I talked to Holly, and after an online session of consultation, I found out that my hairspray was causing a reaction to my skin! To calm down the redness, Holly recommended that I use the Brightening CC Cream primer and the Hydrating Skin Care Program. I feel so beautiful now; I no longer feel the need to hide my face from all the redness. Thank you so much for helping me Holly! You're the best!"

– Tracy, Virginia

"I have been receiving Holly's beautiful and perfectly coordinated cosmetics for 32 years! As colors and names of products have changed, she has always managed to provide me with “The Perfect” new product that perfectly matches my skin tones, eyes and hair. She has made buying her cosmetics a complete and total joy, far better than standing in a store guessing what ‘might’ be best, only to find at home that I’d be mistaken. Even as I have aged, she has perfectly coordinated my cosmetics…and all I have to do in the morning is a quick blush, lipstick & mascara and I feel like a million dollar babe!! Thank you for all you continue to do for me, Holly!"

– Jane, Virginia