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Hydrating Oasis Skin Care, for dry skin and extremely dry skin types, moisturizing relief


Dry/Extremely Dry Skin Types

  • Calms redness and irritation
  • Reduces flaky skin, dry patches, wrinkles, and crow's feet


Reawakening Papaya Enzymes Skin Care, for all skin types except sensitive, exfoliating


All Skin Types, including Sensitive

  • Provides an abundance of antioxidants, prevents wrinkles, firms and tightens skin
  • Keeps skin young and healthy, brightens with a glow


Youthful Peptides Skin Care, for all skin types, anti-aging skin care


All Skin Types

  • Mimics lost collagen to significantly reduce wrinkles and sagging skin
  • Eliminates crepey, puffy eyes


Bright and Sunny Vitamin C Skin Care, for Normal and Combination Skin Types, Healthy Brightening


All Skin Types

  • Fades sun spots and sun damage
  • Brightens dull skin and lightens dark circles

Every product in our skin care sets has a different role, but they ALL have equal importance!

Cleansers remove makeup and impurities, clean and fresh

1. Cleanser

Our refreshing cleansers remove makeup and any impurities or environmental pollutants. Cleansers leave no residue for a clean and fresh feeling.

Alcohol free toners minimize pores and improve blood circulation without drying out your skin

2. Toner

All toners are alcohol-free to effectively minimize pores, without drying out your skin. Our toners also help improve blood circulation and freshen skin throughout the day!

Serums moisturize deep layers of skin to help eliminate wrinkles

3. Serum

Serums are the star products for anti-aging: they nourish the deeper layers of skin for the ultimate boost in hydration. Say goodbye to those wrinkles!

Eye creams help reduce dark circles and puffiness, brightens the eyes, helps diminish wrinkles

4. Eye Cream

Our anti-aging eye creams reduce puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles for a brighter, refreshing appearance. No more tired-looking eyes!

SPF Moisturizers, lightweight moisturizers for the face, correct sun damage and sun spots, prevent sun spots

5. Day Lotion

Our lightweight lotions give your skin the moisture it needs without your face feeling sticky and heavy.

Night creams give moisture overnight, help to reduce wrinkles and resurface skin

6. Night Cream

Wake up to healthier skin with our night creams! Night creams give you the moisture you need overnight to diminish wrinkles and resurface the skin.

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at what the people have to say!


from Florida

I have extremely dry, sensitive skin, so I was hesitant to try any new skin care products. Wow, I was surprised and pleased! My skin not only felt great, it appeared better. I looked refreshed, hydrated, and younger due to less dryness. I would definitely recommend Holly Sallade's Hydrating Oasis skin care products!


from California

After many years of trying different "lotions and potions," Holly took time to really know my skin, where I lived in climate and how I live my life, and what my needs are! My husband was sitting next to me and looked at me and said, "Honey, your skin looks good, I have not seen that in a while. It really is glowing." That is all that needs to be said! Thanks Holly for not only taking the time to not only choose the right products for me, but also taking the time to instruct on proper use and always be available for questions.


from Virginia

I switched from using Clinique and not having any glow or brightness to my skin, to having a fresh, clean look and feel to my face. Your products work great and I love the light crystal texture of the cleanser!

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We work with you to find the right skin care program for you to best support your needs. We want you and your skin to be happy!

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